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Natalio Dangradovic - Natalio mirisne svijece

Only those who've had the adventure of living abroad know how Croatia smells. Most others inhale that wealth for granted. They dare not even notice it.

​Stepping into a random metropolis of everyday life after a vacation in Croatia is an emotional challenge. That something that cannot be shaken off or ripped out settles to the bottom of the chest. Not that it hurts. It depends on the day. Sometimes it's heavier, and sometimes, it is under the accumulated shenanigans of life, pretending it's not there. Sometimes it just doesn't let you breathe.

Nothing will bring back memories like a scent. And not only memories but also the emotions associated with them as well.

There is an island in front of the City. Since ancient times, it has been an island with a lovely scent, and it wasn't named Lokrum for no reason. It smelled good both to the Benedictines and the unfortunate Maximilian.

When you learn to swim there as a child, when you play or laugh at peacocks, or maybe walk along the paths with your crush, you breathe in the scent of happiness in Lokrum.

Every visit to the island is a return to happiness for me. Back to childhood. Return to the beauty of simplicity.

In everyday life, devoid of the scent of my island, nostalgia woke me up. The idea is recycled; if I can't reach the island, the island can come to me.

As a candle lover, I've always been on a tireless search for the perfect one. The realization that I could make a candle myself, which would transfer the atmosphere of my island to my home, was fantastic. It didn't take much time to go from nostalgia to a business venture.

So that all wouldn't remain in the phase of a passionate hobby, my relatives stepped in. In addition to being supportive, expert advisors and fierce critics, they always requested one more candle.

​The journey started with Lokrum and has continued with Hvar, Rab and Brijuni. Each island is distinctive and leaves a memorable fragrant impression, which further translates into a unique scented candle.

My candles are a fragrant journey through Croatia. Join me! Just follow the coordinates!

-Natalio Dangradovic

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